Artist Statement:


My artistic practice traverses painting, prints, and public glass and light installations.

Though working in numerous media, a few themes permeate my artwork. I engage with

natural and geometric forms, plant and biological structures, and the imagery of the



I draw from observation, visual interpretations of scientific phenomena, and the

boundaries between representation and abstraction. These are points of departure.

Central to my approach is the creation of a personalized universe, where I visually explore

everything from the details of a dandelion seed to the geometric expression of an

exploding star. In my process, I mask, cut, and use translucent layering to create depth

and interplay between shape, surface, and color.


In my public work I seek to awaken people to their surroundings. Art can make a place

resonate with beauty, history, or poetry by transforming people’s awareness and defining

a space. Through the process of forming, casting, and carving I create large scale glass

installations, exploring visual materiality, light and place.